Low Back and Neck Pain

Most common areas for distress. Many incidences of pain respond very well to Chiropractic treatment.

Acute stiff necks

One of the most distressing complaints to have & a challenge to treat. Mostly responds extremely well to a very soft, gentle approach. Usually relief comes after 3-4 visits.

Acute spinal complaints

Generally respond well to Chiropractic Treatment

Chronic spinal complaints

Most chronic spinal complaints need persistent treatment & if a70%- 85% improvement is attained, can be managed very well.


Once diagnosed to be of mechanical origin, headaches respond well to Chiropractic treatment.

Knees/Ankles & Elbows/ Wrists

Quite often can be radiating symptoms from the spine. If this is the case, is usually easy to correct. If the cause is localised can be difficult to fix.


Are probably the most difficult joint to treat. Some will respond very quickly to Chiropractic/Soft Tissue Manipulation, at other times can take a long time to repair.

Posture assessment & correction

Goes without saying, that posture is everything, when it comes to a healthy spine.