There are patients at this clinic who have maintenance treatments of no more than one visit a month. Some patients, who have very serious spinal complaints, do not. Once their complaint has been resolved I prefer not to disturb their spines until the problem flares up again. There is a fine line between treatment and […]

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We aren’t great marketers at this practice, we just concentrate on fixing back aches as quickly as possible.

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New patients are usually seen on two consecutive days. The initial visit is for diagnosis and treatment and on the second visit the patient’s response is evaluated. This is a quick and effective method to determine whether to continue treatment or arrange tests , such as X-rays, or to refer the patient on to the […]

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New Patients

The usual practise here is to see new patients two days in a row. The initial visit is for diagnosis and minimum treatment and the second visit 24 hours later is to monitor the patient’s response. this determines whether to continue treatment or to obtain X-Rays or refer the patient further. No backache is assumed […]

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a most critical aspect of spinal manipulation is to know when to manipulate and when not to. Also the time between manipulations is very importtant. Judging when to treat a spine and when to let it rest is vital for the best results.

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Recurring low back pain can usually be fixed, if not permanently, for quite a long time, by releasing important muscles in the lower spine. Combined with light manipulation & treated gently will enable the lower spine to re-set itself & stay pain free for many months.

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Many of the patients I see at the Clinic are between 20 & 40 yaers of age & are mostly office workers & the most common complaint is discomfort of the neck region & headache.Apart from manipulation & muscle release I show patients several simple strategies to minimise the negative effects of sitting for extended periods of time at the computer.

Welcome to our new web-site. Looking forward to future interaction with new & the many current patients.

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